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Brent Safer Neighbourhood Board Project 2016

Brent Safer Neighbourhood Board Project 2016

School Conflict Mediators

Preston Manor School is pleased to be involved in this worthwhile project which is being funded by the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime.  The project will work with groups of champions in three secondary schools (Preston Manor, Claremont and Kingsbury High Schools) to develop their resilience in supporting fellow students in avoiding violence and bullying. It will build on the Brent Youth Against Crime Conference to engage school students in reducing the escalation of conflict amongst their peers. It aims to engage responsible young people and support them in making their community safer. By reducing the escalation of conflict to violence or other serious outcomes it will reduce crime

In Brent, violence with injury is high and rising, and youth violence is rising. This project will aim to reduce violence amongst school students by helping students deal with conflict in other ways and deterring them from escalating their conflicts into violence.

The project will deliver bespoke training for 12 young people in Year 8 from each of three schools. This will enable them to be peer mediators. It will commence with a day for the students and a teacher from all three together. This will be followed by two full days of training for the 12 students, accompanied by a teacher, in each school. The teachers will then have access to remote follow-up support and decide on the timing of follow-up training sessions. After the champions have had time to work with their fellow students in school, two separate half day follow-up sessions will be provided in each school, to help them deal with issues they have faced.

The students and teachers will be given information about the SNB and asked if they would like to contribute to devising future projects and priorities. The teachers will form part of the SNB’s community network to support the ongoing impact of this project.

What are the anticipated outcomes of each of the projects and how these will be monitored?

Young people will be engaged in reducing the escalation of conflict amongst their peers into violence or other serious outcomes

Young people will increase in confidence in how to deal with and mediate conflict.

Schools will experience a reduction in conflict escalating to violence or other serious outcomes.

Before the initial training and at each follow-up training session, students will complete questionnaires on their involvement in reducing the escalation of conflict and their confidence in doing so.

Monitoring through the link teachers in each school of the continuing impact of the work of the champions, how the school is building on this for the future and the impact on violent and serious behaviour in the schools at the end of the financial year and beyond.

Who will deliver the projects?

Leap Confronting Conflict, the charity that contributed to the MOPAC funded Brent Youth Against Crime Conference and works with young people and professionals to prevent conflict from escalating.